Friday, July 27, 2007

Lucky 13

So how cool is it that we got the good news on our 13 month LID anniversary?

The stress and worry about making it through this last, big hoop is over.

No more restraining my lust for baby things that call to me...

Definitely allowing for more major purchase excuses...

Off to celebrate!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Give Her a Holla!

As of today, or maybe last night, our single Tiara Girl, Shannon, got engaged to Mustachio (Tony) and she'll soon be a Smug Married like the rest of us old broads.

Skip on over there and check out the rock and give Shannon and Tony a big congrats!

Friday, July 20, 2007


C started her period today.

Now we have an answer to the Linda Blair mood swings, greasy nose outbreak, and all around lousy disposition. Well, maybe not an answer, perhaps an excuse.

I was out of town for work and right in the middle of an assessment with a family when my phone started vibrating. I ignored it. I knew C was with B at the house; she loves it when I am out of town overnight, she and her dad will lie around like slugs watching movies and eating Ramen noodles. Whenever I am out of town, B will call me throughout the day to update me on his daily itinerary - whether I want it or not. When it began vibrating again less than 5 minutes later, I began to worry. I excused myself, and answered with, "What's wrong?"

C very excitedly told me the lowdown and when I said, "You know you need to..." she cut me off and proceeded to tell me how she took care of business by getting herself taken care of, finding the pads, telling her dad, calling her mom, my mom and my sister-in-law to let them ALL know that she finally started. We have had many discussions about where the pads are in the bathroom and the process she needs to take, so she was totally prepared. I am so proud of her. It's been slow, but I think she's finally growing up a little. I like it.

Now if only we can convince C's mom that it is So. Not. Cool. to have Sasquatch legs when 6th grade starts next month, and allowing C to shave her legs is in everyone's best interest.

Wish us luck.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Still Kicking

I'm not going to lie and say that things around here have gotten any less stressful, because they haven't. I am limping through trying to get back on track.

~The fever issue turned out to be a pretty serious case of strep, which I've never had in my life. Not the Strep Throat kind, but a systemic kind. Weird, I know. The massive dose of antibiotics seems to be helping, and I am starting to fell less like a zombie in the evenings. I am glad, bacause I was really starting to worry.

~C is still being a total shit, and this weekend was no exception. She and her mom were doing better for a while, but this weekend was a bust. On Friday, C's mom and her got a wild hair up their asses to dye her hair hot, electric pink. Yeah. It was supposed to be highlights, but turned into a Run Lola Run look that was pretty freaking nasty. It ended up frying her hair and, because I'm always the bad guy, on Saturday I ended up taking her to the salon for repair. Well, I am not shelling out 100+ bucks for her mom's stupid ass mistake, so she left the salon with a very short, Kiera Knightly type do, which was a shock to her system because her hair was past her shoulders. Many tears have occurred since then, but I believe a lesson was learned by C, which is this (I hope) "My mom has no sense of socially appropriate fashion/beauty, so listening to her wild schemes to 'do something cool' should be weighed heavily before I agree to them." Personally, I think the cut, which got out a lot of the pink along with copious shampoos with Dawn dish liquid, looks uber-cute and is she finally looks like the adolescent she's supposed to be.

~School is still whipping my ass. I completed my phenomenology presentation with my group. We lost some points (14) because we didn't do the juvenile "Let's play Jeopardy!" type presentation and felt that since the class has critiqued and reflected on the topic, they wouldn't need a regurgitation of theorists. He offered us an opportunity to make a chart for the class (like the other two groups have already done) and we turned it down. We are standing together on this one. Besides, we all have bonus points in the bank, so our grades weren't affected. I moved onto postructuralism, which was even more confusing than the other, but must have gotten something from it, because I did well on my critique. One more to go.

~ I am insanely jealous because the Georgia Bloggy Bash is coming up, and I am saving the bulk of my leave time for our beach trip in August and for a fall weekend get together of the Tiara Girls. I just couldn't take an extra 3-4 days off. Boo. Hiss. It would have also been a 2-for-1 because I could have gone to see/visit my friend Kathy and her family (including the newest addition of Mr. S.). Dang. So, I am taking a day trip with my mom to see Wicked in Columbus. We leave today and come back tomorrow. We always have a good time, and I am stoked to see the musical. I think I need a little break.

~B and I marked one year LID on the calendar on the 27th. To us, it was just another day in hundreds that are slowly moving along. I think I would feel better if we could just hear something positive. Send good vibes for a clean Review Room evaluation. Perhaps if we get through the RR, I can begin to see a pinpoint of light at the end of this long tunnel.