Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Beginnings Late in the Game

I know I devoted an entire post to my shiny new ring, but I didn't say much about the rest of Christmas. This year was fabulous. We all got along, everyone was thrilled, and the memories of last year finally began to fade.
Last Christmas, B & I we struggling with our decision to stop infertility treatments and bump Plan B into Plan A. At the same time we were all dealing with C's mom's unplanned pregnancy and how it had become a bitter ghost moving in and out of our house. I was angry, B was worried, and C was just being an all-around asshole about it. Last Christmas C got her first spanking, I cried all morning, and B was angry and sad because both of his ladies were miserable and he couldn't fix us.
This year, as I said before, was different. We were relaxed, slept later (the benefits of having an older child, who, although no blood-relative of mine, seems to have adopted my lazy gene), and had a nice holiday. Outside of the jewelry, B decided to theme my gifts. Because I travel an insane amount (I think I've stayed at every Hampton Inn within a day's drive of my home), B kept this in mind when purchasing my gifts. I ended up with a car safety kit, XM radio, keyless ignition/entry, space bags, an iTunes gift card, and a spray can of Mace in my stocking. Think he worries about me when I'm out there on the road? He put a lot of thought into the whole present thing, which is very sweet and cool.
Another great thing this year is that we actually had Christmas morning, which is also her birthday with C. For the last 8 Christmases we have celebrated on Christmas Eve, and C would have Christmas Day at her mom's house. We don't share the holiday. I know there are blended families out there that can all come together and make it work, but we are not one of them. Enough said.
Anyways, after having a leisurely morning opening gifts, B decided to scope out the city to see about getting breakfast. We all piled into the car and headed toward Shoney's, the only place open. The place was packed with firemen. It was sort of surreal. We hit the buffet and as we tucked into our food, C began talking about her birthday and was asking B about the day she was born. No big deal, really, just talk. Apparently the waitress overheard C and asked to speak to B. Ten minutes later, here comes our waitress holding one of these followed by the rest of the wait staff clapping and singing the requisite restaurant birthday sing along. The look on C's face was priceless. As she dived into chocolaty vanilla bliss, she turned to me and said, "Can we make this a tradition?" I scooped up a bite for myself and replied, "Yes, we can."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rex Kwon Do Better Watch Out

Although I normally won't post pictures of my family and friends (It kinda freaks me out even though I know there are few people that actually read this blog), this is one of my all-time favorite pictures.
My nephew Noah is a nut. He loves his "fryjamas" and these stinkin' moon boots. He does karate in his Sponge Bob underpants, freaks out over Game Cube, obsesses over "bad guys," and can name Hot Wheels makes and models in a Rainman-esque fashion that astounds mortal men. He's a redheaded hellion who can sing "Take Me Out" at the top of his lungs and is terrified of spiders. He likes to sleep in my bed, but won't let B sleep with us because, "He lets big, stinky farts," and gives the best hugs ever.
I love him beyond words.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bling! Bling! Christmas is Shiny!

Well, a month's gone by and I haven't blogged since the last holiday, but honestly, I have been so wrapped up in work, finishing school, and Christmas shopping I haven't had time to do much of anything else. Well, except get the worst haircut EVER. I swear my hair looks like this, but truthfully, the wig looks better. I find it disconcerting that my hairdresser, whom I have trusted implicitly for the last 3 years decided to make me look like I need to be in a retirement home. Regardless, Christmas at my house was full of family, love, and bling.
I won't lie and say that I regret not having a big wedding. Eloping with B was the best decision I have made in my life; however, at the time of our surprise nuptials, we rushed to get rings at a local shop that rhymes with "lawn." Don't get me wrong, I am not a jewelry snob or even a girly girl who likes to wear different pieces, but for a while (several years) I have had a serious case of diamond envy. I'm not choosy, I just wanted a carat. My small, shiny, beautiful diamond has great sentimental value, but I still coveted the rings of my friends. If that makes me shallow, so what! At the time of our marriage B and I made less money combined than I make now. We were poor and in love and made do, and for these years of diamond envy B refused to even discuss a bigger ring. He just couldn't see how a piece of jewelry could make me happy. Nevermind the fact that he pays monthly rent on a studio for his drums that he visits at least once a week, but hasn't had a consistent paying gig in over 2 years. I digress...
Imagine my surprise this Christmas Eve when I got my carat. Finally after years of envy I got what I wanted. A carat solitaire that shines lovely on my fat little finger. Upon giving it to me, in front of both our families who were in on it, he stated, he realized that this time next year we would be getting ready for our trip to China; and after that we would not only have Cadance, but Ruby, and eventually grandbabies. This would be the last time we could really focus on each other. With flourish and grandeur he presented me with the ring. I couldn't be happier, but much to the disappointment of B and the fam, I didn't cry.
Next up, a new band for Valentine's Day...