Thursday, December 27, 2007

Behold the Beauty that is an After-Christmas Sale

Christmas at the Bug house was its usual flurry of presents and family. We had a wonderful time opening and exchanging gifts, learning of my brother and sister-in-law's 4th pregnancy, and eating way too much good food.

As the years go by, B seems to know me better and better. He still needs an Amazon wishlist and still needs some direction, but otherwise he does really well. This year he and C went together to buy my gifts, something that normally doesn't happen. While roaming the mall, C kept insisting that I wanted diamond earrings (I didn't), and that I really needed a pair (I don't, I already have a pair, and very rarely wear earrings anyway). B ignored his gut feeling about the earrings and went ahead and bought a pair. When he came home and emptied his pockets on our dresser, he looked down and saw the earrings I already had lying in the jewelry box. What to do? Well, he gave them to me, along with the receipt and said, "I want to take these back and get something else, but I want you to go with me." Okay. So, along with the return of the ill-fated earrings and my Christmas money from my FIL and my parents, I got this...
for 50% off. Oh, how I love the after-Christmas sales.

P.S. Guess who who ended up with CZ earrings and thinks she's the bomb?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Secret Pal

For the last 18 months I have participated in a Secret Pal exchange with my June 2006 DTC group. In the beginning, the exchange was exciting and fun, but after 18 months and no end in sight, we decided to put an end to the SP exchange and support each other in different ways.

I have been a truly awful Secret Pal. Although I am grateful, my thanks have been sporadic, and I am beyond tardy with my part of the exchange. My poor Secret Pal hasn't received a gift since September. My heart just quit and the excitement about wrapping tiny dresses and tights, mini cardigans, and baby supplies that gather dust was just gone. This is my public apology to my poor Secret Pal who probably thinks we've dropped the program. We haven't dropped, I just dropped the ball while wallowing in my own self-pity.

Nevertheless, my Secret Pal, the one who sends to me, has never succumbed to the numbing depression and rage that surrounds this interminable wait. She has been a light of hope and kindness throughout these months of pining; a real trooper, you might say. My Secret Pal knows me. She took the time to pay attention to my likes and dislikes, my interests, and the things I value for my daughter-to-be. She acknowledged my hope that Ruby will be a reader and love books as much as I by including book in every package. My Secret Pal gave us Ruby's first trick-or-treat bag, memory book, and toys to be packed for China. She included B in the exchange by sending adorable onsies, T-shirts, and leggings that announce to the world that Ruby's daddy is a rocker and one cool dude. Her conscientious kindness to C's role of jie jie was always heartfelt, and is much, much appreciated. C proudly wears the "Adoption is Love" jelly bracelet, sent almost a year ago, every single day. I would love to post pictures, but my camera cord has been missing since April or May and I haven't replaced it. Take my word for it - she knows me.

Along the way, I began to have an inkling of who My Secret Pal was. Her gifts were too spot on, too close to home. I was amazed at how well she knew me. I figured she visited here, but some of her letters and poems would hit me in the gut and make me think - we've met or should meet, we've talked beyond this exchange. Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised to open my last package to see a flurry of these all over the wrapping paper surrounding a penguin bowling set, a book about penguins, and some awesome penguin pajamas (you are so getting a Christmas picture of Ruby in these!):

Krista, aka Special K, you have been more than a "pal" during these last 18 months, you have become my friend and oftentimes an anchor in this process. Every month your reminders that someone else is out there going through this, that we are not alone was at times, the only acknowledgement outside of B, C and me, that Ruby is coming. You have been my champion, my monthly remembrance, my reality check, and a never-say-die supporter, and I am eternally grateful.

Someday, we will meet, and when we see each other for the first time face-to-face, there will be no awkwardness, no "am I really going to like her" anxiety, and no hesitancy to hug tight and hold on.

Thank you my friend.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ARGH...but There's Good News too


~Brian and I have been trying to renew our I-171H renewal since August. Yeah. August. We are waiting on one person - Brian's HR bitch. Since our original home study, Brian was promoted and received a considerable raise which impacted our financial status. Because of this, our SW asked for a new letter to verify employment/salary. Every week he has asked his HR bitch for a letter, and every week the promises keep coming. NO letter. He can't go over her head because she's THE Head. Goddammit. I finally emailed our SW and told her the story, because I am sure she thinks we're giving up. She was totally cool about it. But still, how long does it take to write a freaking letter?

~ I have been crap sick for the last week. My doctor and I finally caved and tried a short Rx for 3-5 days of decongestants. I haven't taken a decongestant in probably 20 years because they make my heart beat erratically and make me incredibly hyper. Also, decongestants can cause a raise in blood pressure, so we've avoided them. Can we say Miracle Drug? Granted, I haven't slept more than 3-5 hours at a time in the last 3 days and my entire body is vibrating, but I Can Breathe.

~ I am having a baby shower for my friend Caroline in January. Since this little girl will probably be her one and only, I decided to do it up and ask my cousin to cater. Don't think I didn't pull the family card, because I so did. If not, looks like I'll be up to my elbows in meatballs and pasta salad next month.

Good News:

~ We do not have to pay any fees for our homestudy update!

~ I had a wonderful time at Biltmore with my bloggy posse. I don't think I want' to post more than that. Just good times with good, good friends. Oh how I love them.

~ C is doing really well (Knock Wood Now). The second medication has been in her system for a month, and we see a marked difference. Plus she has her incentives - Alex & Christmas.

~ My last class for the semester is tomorrow. Woot! In the spring, I am only taking one class so I can focus on my Residency Portfolio, which is my admission to candidacy and one giant step closer to dissertation and graduation.

~ Shannon leaves tomorrow to go to China to meet Miss Emily. I can't wait!