Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blogger's Strike

I guess I decided to take a little hiatus there for a while. Just like the WGA's neverending strike, I decided to walk the picket line of blogging. No writing for me, and I am okay for it. I have been reading other blogs regularly (addiction is hard), but I haven't had a whole lot to say that's been positive. Truthfully, I still don't have a whole lot to say that's positive, except, maybe, I'm back?

Regardless, I haven't abandoned the whole blogging "thing," I've just been a little down, a little lazy, and a little busy. The bottom line is that I've been up to a whole lot of Woe and not enough Awesome.

Since I am subjecting you anyway, I'll alternate the Woe with the Awesome.

WOE ~ I have gained weight, which is something I could not afford to do. I just saw a picture of myself holding Caroline's new baby (AH!), and it wasn't so pretty (EW). Gravity and chins don't mix. I believe it's my thyroid acting up. I have lost a considerable amount of hair, which is distressing in itself, and I have the energy of a garden slug. Too bad, a nice dip in beer wont shrivel me some.

AWESOME ~ I am going to Vegas in a few weeks. I am pretty excited since I've never been. I have tickets to see Mama Mia and I am hoping to get my classmate to go to Mesa Grill. I know my boyfriend Bobby won't be there, but it's close enough.

WOE ~ C is doing somewhat better. The outbursts have been farther apart, which means the medication cocktail is working. She has also gained some weight, well her's has been considerable, which is sadly a side-effect of her meds. Grades have improved, but her friendships have tanked. She has made 2 "best friends" this year so far, and both have bailed on her because she's so pushy/intrusive. She and I talk about giving space and growing friendships A LOT, but she just doesn't get that best friendships need time and space to develop. Being friends with C is a little like that cartoon where the little dog keeps jumping over the big dog. I think you know which one she is. She's just trying way too hard.

AWESOME ~ We have decided to join our local Y because of this Winter Bear packing we've all gone through, and we're making it our Valentine's to each other. We've been talking about it for a while now, and it is definitely time for all of us to go. My final inspiration was this gal - if she can get up at 4:00 to swim, I can get up at 6:30 to do the elliptical.

WOE ~ We have to take our taxes to an accountant for the first time ever. I am not excited about it even though she seems perfectly pleasant and we have nothing to worry about.

AWESOME ~ I am working on an amazing international project for my qualitative research class. I don't want to say too much about it here, but trust me it's awesome. I am so flattered to be a part of such a big deal.

WOE ~ We just had our 19 month LID anniversary. Could this one be the halfway mark? What got me in the gut was when I had to change my email/Yahoo signature from "LID 6/27" to "LID 6/27/06." That was hard.

AWESOME ~ Finally, I am hopefully making some changes in my life within the next few months, and I'll be blogging all about it. I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I am hoping a change is gonna come.


wzgirl said...

Woe & Awesome = Yin & Yang

I'm with you. And, am inspired by the 4am Lady - although not inspired enough yet to act. Tomorrow.


walternatives said...

I've missed you, but I understand - it makes my head spin, all that you've got going on. I'm looking forward to hearing about your international projects - kudos to you for being a part of it. Kudos, too, for joining the Y. I've just started taking low-impact aerobic classes (= regular exercise) and it's completely changed my head - making me feel better than I have in years. My wish for you is that you can find something you like (a class or activity); it makes such a difference.

good to hear from you, girlfriend.

Susan said...

I *heart* you more than words can ever express.