Thursday, August 14, 2008

Totally 80s Birthday Pics!

Here they are in all the glory, a few pics from my 80s Karaoke party. Notice the pegged pants, which just looks dumb. I really don't get Katie Holmes trying to bring that trend back! B went Vanilla Ice with a 10 dollar track suit and some t-shirt iron ons. We had a most excellent time.
My brother, Brian and me singing Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins
My friend Kevin & I sing Karma Chameleon while the peeps dance
B & me singing our encore duet of Always Something There (to Remind Me) by Naked Eyes
Billie, Arlene, and Caroline do some Belinda Carlyle

AWESOME CAKE - the flowers were a little weird, but so apropos


walternatives said...

Fabulous Patrick Nagel cake - I framed quite o' bit of Nagel in the 80's. I also love your Flashdance look. Man, I wish that I could have been there (your bash, not back in the `80's). Thanks for these!

wzgirl said...

Totally tripendicular. For Shure. Like, totally.

Special K said...

Cake looks very Duran Duran-esque, right? Looks like a blast. Gawd I loved the 80's!